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The Forkestra is the community orchestra of Forks, Washington. The Forkestra is comprised of both professional and non-professional instrumentalists who come together simply for the enjoyment of playing music together. Orchestra members are not paid for their participation, nor is there a charge to become a member. The Forkestra is open for participation by anyone from the Forks Community and surrounding area, regardless of musical experience. Amateur musicians from the "West End" are invited to participate with the Forkestra. The Forkestra participates in Forks Community events throughout the year, performing 4-6 concerts every year. The Forkestra practices weekly on Thursday evenings at the Forks Middle School Band Room from 7 to 9 P.M. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a member!



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The Forkestra plays a variety of patriotic songs and hymns
on a float in the Fourth of July Parade in downtown Forks.
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Forkestra at Forks High School

Forkestra members pose outside the Forks High School
Sign during Hickory Shirt Heritage Days (October).
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The Forkestra includes strings, wind instruments, brass and percussion.
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